Kwaidan is a music label founded by french producer and composer Marc Collin at the end of the 90′s. (the other music label of Marc Collin is The Perfect Kiss)

Initially dedicated to produce and release the multiple projects of Collin like Volga select, Dirty jesus, Les Petroleuses, Suburbia and many more!

After the worldwide success of the Nouvelle Vague project in 2004, Kwaidan (illusion in japanese and inspired by the movie of Kobayashi) became a bigger structure producing and releasing a lot of different and various artists such as Phoebe Killdeer, Mélanie Pain, Maxence Cyrin, Nicolas Comment, Olga Kouklaki, Marina Celeste and more… , and working on multiples genre of music.

Kwaidan is trying to follow great 80′s indie labels like Les disques du Crepuscule , Crammed and Factory records.

2012 will see the releases of new signatures: Yasmine Hamdan, Blackout Babies, AnnaO, Jenia Lubich, Karina Zeviani , the new project of Mélanie Pain and the new project of Marc Collin “The cold wave station”.



Anna O

Blackout Babies

Maxence Cyrin

Nicolas Comment

Yasmine Hamdan

Phoebe Killdeer and the short straws

Olga Kouklaki

Jenia Lubich

Nouvelle Vague
Mélanie Pain

Pulsion Phantom

Karina Zeviani






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